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    If you're experiencing financial difficulty due to coronavirus and worried about paying your rent, please talk to us. No one will lose their home because of Coronavirus.

    We want to work with residents who are affected by the coronavirus outbreak to support them through this difficult time. 

    Over the next three months (from 19 March), if you're having financial difficulties due to coronavirus, we will not:

    • Serve any new Notices of Seeking Possession (in relation to rent, we will continue to manage anti-social behaviour as we do now)
    • Apply for any warrants to enforce any current possession orders
    • Make any new applications to court for possession of a home.

    Rent will still be charged, but we want to help you to manage your rent and other bills. Please talk to us, we won't take legal action if you work with us.

    Over the next few months, our priorities will be to:

    • Offer support and guidance about what benefits you may be entitled to, and how to claim
    • Listen to what you can pay, and make appropriate payment plans with you
    • Offer budgeting advice and access to income and expenditure reviews
    • Agree for the housing cost part of your universal credit to be paid directly to us (if you receive this)
    • Support you if you're looking for work by helping you with your job search, including getting ready for applications and interviews
    • Signpost you to our partner organisations for further specialist advice on training and employment. 

    We can also complete referrals to local food banks if you're struggling. Please contact our customer services team if you need help with this. 

    You should continue to pay as normal if you:

    • Receive Universal Credit or Housing Benefit
    • Live in an Extra Care or Kent Excellent Homes for All scheme
    • Pay by direct debit (the rent-free weeks are calculated as part of your monthly payment).


    If you need help with your energy bills or pre-paid meter, please visit our energy and Coronavirus page.

    Council Tax

    Some councils, such as Maidstone Borough Council are allowing residents to defer their April and May payments if they are struggling. 

    You should contact your council to find out what support they can offer you. 

    Further advice

    If you need further advice, you can also contact:

    • The Money Advice Service

    The Money Advice Service has published some guidance about work, budgeting, benefits and travel. The service is funded by the government, so their information is reliable.

    • Citizens Advice Bureau

    Citizens Advice are also continuing to provide advice. You can contact them by:

    Phone: 0300 3309001 (open Monday to Friday between 10am-3pm)

    Web chat:

    • Turn2Us

    Turn2Us is a national charity helping people when times get tough. They offer financial support to help people get back on track.