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    We'll ask you to wait longer than our usual timescales for a response to your complaint.

    We will continue to respond to complaints, but we know we won't be able to meet our usual timescales.

    We have introduced a temporary policy, which has changed our timescale for responding to 20 working days. We will keep this policy under review and will only have it in place for as long as we need it.

    In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, and to ensure we are following government guidelines, we've had to make changes to the services we provide. This is unavoidable, so as a result, we are unable to accept complaints about how we have changed our services as a result of Coronavirus.

    If we have got things right, please let us know - we'd really appreciate it.

    If you would like to make a complaint or compliment, you can fill in the forms below, email or call 01732 749400.

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