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    Everyone deserves a safe and secure environment to live in. We want to do everything we can to help our residents love where they live.

    Anti-social behaviour affects people’s everyday lives. We want to do everything we can to prevent it before it starts. 

    But community safety is more than that. It’s also about preventing and tackling crime, including hate crime, domestic abuse, and environmental crime. It’s about communities feeling safe, secure and connected to where they live, and who they share their community with. It’s about promoting a sense of belonging, shared space, and clean, safe, green neighbourhoods where people want to be.

    Our vision is to support local communities to be clean, safe and green. In practice this means:

    • Stopping problems before they arise
    • Working to encourage reasonable behaviour
    • Promoting personal responsibility
    • Working in partnership with others
    • Helping people and communities to report issues and feel listened to
    • Supporting vulnerable households, or identifying those most at risk of harm
    • Creating opportunities for those causing harm to change their behaviour. 

    We'll enforce the agreements our tenants sign up to and also tackle issues in our communities caused by those who are not our tenants.

    We work closely with partners in the Sevenoaks District Community Safety Partnership and other local agencies to create safer neighbourhoods. 

    View our Community Safety Strategy

    • Being a good neighbour

      We want to help create great neighbourhoods where people want to live.  You can help by being considerate to others living around you. To be a good neighbour, please treat other people as you would like to be treated. Follow these neighbourly rules:

      • Put rubbish out in the right bags in the morning on the day of collection. If you miss the collection, store the rubbish in an appropriate bin in the garden. (You will need to provide your own garden bins.)
      • Do not leave rubbish out on the wrong day, in hallways, or where it could cause a problem for others.
      • Do not cause a nuisance to your neighbours or let anyone living with you or visiting you do so.
      • Keep noise to a reasonable level.
      • Ask visitors to be quiet when they leave. Most neighbours will not mind an occasional party, but they will mind if you often have parties or groups of friends or family in your home making too much noise.
      • If you are having a party, let your neighbours know in advance and keep the noise down.
      • Control your pets. Don’t leave dogs alone to bark during the day, or leave your pets where they can cause a nuisance.
      • Park vehicles responsibly. In areas with limited parking, it’s even more important for neighbours to park considerately. Don’t park across your neighbours’ drives or on grass verges and try to be flexible.
    • Agreements and charters

      We work hard to make sure the communities where we have homes are places that people can feel proud of. We aim to involve residents to make sure everyone is signed up to making the neighbourhood a great place to live. Here are some of the things we can set up to help communities.

      Good neighbour agreements

      Everyone has a right to feel safe and secure and live peacefully in their own home but sometimes, neighbours don't get along. We offer mediation through West Kent Mediation. But in some cases even this fails. We offer to set up a neighbour agreement telling each party what is and isn't acceptable. The agreements are written and approved by the neighbours before signing and, if both parties are willing to compromise, the agreement can work well.

      Bin store agreements

      These can be written between neighbours, whole streets, a block of flats or larger communities. Each agreement is tailored to the area.

      Neighbourhood charters

      A neighbourhood charter is an agreement between the council and its partners, working together with residents to maintain and improve the neighbourhoods they serve. The charter brings together these different agencies and tells you about the standards of service you can expect from them. Services in your neighbourhood range from litter and street cleansing to police and fire services; working closely with communities.

      The charter tells you what you, as residents, can do to help keep your neighbourhood safer, cleaner and greener. Lots of useful contact details are included so you will always know who to contact about a problem or issue.

      If you're having neighbour troubles or you think your community could use a charter, get in touch with our community safety team using the form below.

      Charter enquiry

    • Tenancy services officers

      Tenancy services officers (TSOs) spend most of their time out and about managing tenancies, showing homes to applicants, coordinating mutual exchanges and dealing with anti-social behaviour. Each officer covers a selection of general needs, leaseholder and shared ownership homes.

      They also make regular inspections of their patch to identify areas of concern or areas for improvement, for example:

      • Health and safety issues in the neighbourhood
      • Repairs that haven't already been reported
      • Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles
      • Grass cutting and other estate services - checking these are being effectively delivered.

      We welcome all our residents to join us on these estate inspections. Contact us to find out when we're next in your area.

      Find out more about our grounds maintenance service

      Log into My West Kent if you need to contact your TSO or use the form below.

      Contact your TSO