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    If you eat, you're in!

    Our vision is to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food.

    Two of West Kent's passionate gardeners are teaching us about small scale 'edible' gardens. Edible garden at the Sevenoaks Office

    The international initiative Incredible Edibles has inspired two of West Kent's staff members to create edible gardens around the Sevenoaks Office

    The vegetable revolution has now spread as far as Japan, Brazil and New Zealand. The Sevenoaks Edibles plots aim to promote connected communities by encouraging local residents to get involved - even if that's just by picking the produce when its ready to eat. Everything we've created at the West Kent office has been donated from garden centres or staff members. 

    The plots can pop up anywhere - outside your doctors, the train station, in the planters around town. If there's a green space, then there's a possibility for edible plants for the whole community to pick and enjoy. If you know somewhere suitable, please let us know by using the form below. 

    If you'd like to follow what we're up to, or get involved, follow Sevenoaks Edibles on Facebook and Instagram @sevenoaksedibles

    Sevenoaks Edibles

    Let us know if you'd like to get involved, or know where there's a green space.