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    West Kent Community Chest 

    The West Kent Community Chest is one way that we support our residents and local groups to build successful and resilient communities. We can provide financial assistance to help get project ideas off the ground and bring communities together.

    The Community Chest can fund external organisations and groups as well as smaller individual and community projects.

    We’re looking for two residents to join the panel that decides which organisations will receive funding from the Community Chest.

    Although no specific skills are required for the role, and full training will be given. We’re looking for people who are:

    • interested in the charity/voluntary sector
    • passionate about communities
    • comfortable reading online information (you’ll be sent a link to review funding applications)
    • confident using emails and joining meetings online

    The role of a panel member

    Attending panel meetings

    As a panel member, you’ll attend up to four panel meetings per year, and each will last around two hours. The meetings are held in the day using Microsoft Teams, so you won’t need to travel, you’ll just need a phone, tablet or computer and Wifi. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we could accept your comments via email although we would expect you to attend at least two meetings per year.

    Reading funding applications

    You’ll need to read and assess each application before each panel meeting.  The application forms for each round will be sent to you approximately 7-10 days before the meeting date.  Depending on the number of applications, you should allow between 4 – 7 hours of reading per round of funding.  You should consider your decisions prior to the meeting and highlight any areas for discussion.

    Your decision making should be impartial, and you will be expected to declare any interests at the start of the meetings. You’ll also need to sign our code of conduct and confidentiality agreement.

    This is a voluntary role and is a fantastic way to support communities.

    If you're interested in joining the panel, please read this role description and complete the form below. We only have two spaces available on the panel so we will read through the forms and choose residents who best fit the role and person specification. 

    Apply to be a panel member

    As part of the application process, West Kent will use your personal information to process your application. To find out more about how we use personal data and your rights under data protection legislation, our privacy notice can be found on our website, Please note that you can withdraw consent any time and object to the processing of your Personal Data.