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    Exchanging your home

    Once you have found a mutual exchange partner, you will need to fill out one of our online application forms. The household that you want to exchange with will also need to fill out this form before we can process your application. 

    If any of the information we need is not supplied, your application will be delayed.

    Please ensure both parties in the exchange have completed the form. We will not contact you until we have received both application forms.

    Mutual exchange application form

    About you and your family

    Please fill all the available fields. If, for some fields, you have multiple answers (such as "Tenant names") you can split up those names with a comma. For example, you can answer with two people like "John Smith, Bob Jackson".

    Details of anyone wishing to move with you from the above address (for example your children)

    About your current home

    See our Pets Policy for details of what is allowed
    If your landlord is West Kent, please mark N/A

    About your proposed exchange

    Please make sure you check affordability using the budget planner.


    a) I authorise and consent to West Kent disclosing information from my tenancy records as requested by my prospective landlord (West Kent tenants). b) I give West Kent permission to seek information from my tenancy records (tenants of another landlord). c) I/We have inspected the property I/we wish to move to and completed the Applicant's Property Checklist. d) My landlord has not served me/us a Notice of Seeking Possession. e) I/we understand any false information provided by me/us may result in the application being refused or any tenancy granted, being terminated. f) We will not exchange until we have received written permission from all landlords and signed the Deed of Assignment.

    Data protection

    I understand you will hold the information I have given to process my application on a computer database. You may also share the information with housing associations and with other relevant organisations such as the police, social services, benefits departments and agencies employed to carry out research into housing need and improving services. I agree that the information I have given on this form may be used to: - process my application for housing; - prevent and detect fraud; and - carry out research into housing needs and improving services.