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    West Kent is known for its positive culture of working in partnership with customers and stakeholders to deliver exceptional services in a friendly, solution-focused way.

    Our values guide our staff to give customers a richer experience and staff themselves a greater sense of satisfaction. They guide us to make sound decisions for the business and be responsive to all our stakeholders. 

    Our values run through everything we do. We expect our staff to live these values to give our customers a richer experience and ourselves a greater sense of satisfaction. 

    Our values are:

    • Integrity – letting your moral compass keep you on the right track West Kent values image
    • Compassion – putting yourself in the other person’s place
    • Self awareness – knowing yourself and the impact you have
    • Learning – improving by exploring what’s there beyond what you know
    • Flexibility – doing the right thing so you get the right result
    • Honesty – saying and doing the right thing
    • Delivering on our promises – doing what we say, when we say we’ll do it
    • Working hard and having fun – choosing to enjoy the people and the job.

    When asked, staff overwhelmingly say that ‘the values are at the heart of the way West Kent operates’. And you don’t just need to take our word for it: we have Gold status Investor in People (IiP) accreditation. We were the first organisation in Kent to achieve Gold status and we’ve maintained this level at every accreditation since.  

    – the extent to which the values are interwoven into policies, practices and procedures in West Kent is truly outstanding.

    Derek Milliner IiP assessor.