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    • image for Frank Czarnowski

      Frank Czarnowski

      Chief Executive

      Appointed to the role in August 2010, Frank was formerly (since 2001) the finance director at West Kent. Frank is a qualified accountant and is responsible for the overall running of West Kent and its subsidiaries.

    • image for Deborah White

      Deborah White

      Housing Director

      Responsible for our housing team, including the lettings, repairs and customer service functions, Deborah is highly focused on continuing to deliver first class customer services. Delivering our 'Age - a positive experience' strategy to take into consideration the changing demographic and socio-economic conditions.

    • image for Craig Reynolds

      Craig Reynolds

      Finance Director

      Appointed to the role in August 2010, Craig was formerly (since 2003) the finance manager at West Kent. Craig is a qualified accountant and is responsible for the finance and ICT functions along with risk and governance.

    • image for Mark Leader

      Mark Leader

      Property Director

      Mark joined West Kent in 2002 and leads our property team. Keen to increase the amount of affordable housing in Kent, Mark is committed to ensuring we build sustainability and quality into all our homes.

    • image for Heather Brightwell

      Heather Brightwell

      Communities Director

      Appointed to the role in January 2019, Heather was formerly (since 2011) the head of communities at West Kent. Heather is responsible for projects and services which support strong, cohesive and inclusive communities, aiming to increase opportunities and make sure services are driven and led by local people.