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    Working in partnership

    West Kent plans to invest in, and extend our current housing stock and services. 

    We're keen to understand the local area better, what is currently offered and future demand for services. 

    Tracy Allison, Chief Executive

    Working together with other organisations, the government and local authorities, housing associations like West Kent can do more.

    West Kent has a 30 year track-record and an established reputation for providing good-quality housing and excellent community services in Kent. We are a highly successful and capable organisation that delivers on its promises, knows Kent and its communities and we want to do more. 

    If you are a local organisation that shares our values and aims, please get in touch with our executive team by emailing


    Stakeholder News

    We produce a Stakeholder eNews three times a year, this is sent to businesses and organisations that we work with. It gives the latest news about what's going on at West Kent and how we are working in partnership to deliver the best services we can. Graphic saying Stakeholder News

    If you are a local organisation or business and would like to receive it subscribe here.

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