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    What do board members do? 

    • Participate in the planning of West Kent's work, setting objectives and monitoring performance against them.
    • Determine the policies that guide West Kent’s work.
    • Ensure that decisions taken by the board are in West Kent’s best interests and that its legal and moral responsibilities are met.
    • Receive and consider reports prepared by staff and question these to ensure that decisions are well founded.
    • Regularly attend board meetings and participate in discussions and decision making.
    • Be willing to take membership of at least one sub-committee and regularly attend its meetings and participate in its work.
    • Attend the Board Strategy Day and appropriate training events.
    • Visit West Kent's housing schemes, meet tenants and agencies with whom we work in order to keep in touch and understand West Kent's activities.
    • Abide by decisions of the board and its committees.
    • Treat information gained as a board member in confidence.
    • Abide by West Kent’s Code of Best Practice and Equal Opportunities Policy.
    • Avoid doing anything to undermine the work or good name of West Kent Housing Association.