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We want you to know how well we are performing. We also want to learn from our mistakes and ensure we continue to improve our services.  You can find our performance information including our annual reports on the leaflet rack.

  • Value for money

    Value for money is a cross-cutting theme that encompasses all aspects of our work. We have effective arrangements in place to ensure good value for money is fully embedded and actively maximised in everything we do.

    It’s a core activity of our business culture, a prerequisite in terms of procurement and it's embedded in the roles and responsibilities of our employees, customers and stakeholders.

    To find out more about how we do this we complete Value for Money Assessments every year. You can find them on the leaflet rack

  • Transparency reports

    We also publish details of all payments over £500 that we spend to develop new affordable homes in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency.

    Take a look at our latest Transparency Report.

  • Performance reports

    We report on how we've been performing against our targets every quarter. See our latest report here.

If you'd like more information please contact us.